Agile Software Engineering & The Future of Non-Functional Requirements

  • Richard Rabin Maiti Berea College
  • Aleksandr Krasnov Berea College
  • Deanna Marie Wilborne Nova Southeastern University
Keywords: Agile Software Engineering, Capture Elicit Prioritize, CEP ,Functional Requirements, Non-Functional Requirements, NFRs, FRs, NERV, NORMAP, historical trending, historical NFRs, decision tree


Non-Functional requirements (NFRs) are overlooked where as Functional Requirements (FRs) take the center stage in developing agile software.  Research has shown that ignoring NFRs can have negative impact on the software and could potentially cost more to fix at later stages. This research extends the CEP methodology to predict NFRs in next iterations of agile software development.  Research in other fields have shown that historical data can be beneficial in the long run.  This research shows that using the data available can be beneficial for the next iteration of software development.  A simple decision tree was utilized to predict future NFRs based on past data.  There are multiple occurrence of a set of NFRs, and security was the most occurrence of NFRs.