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The Journal of Software Engineering Practice is an open access journal that explores a variety of topics related to software engineering.  While we do accept papers that are more theoretical, the focus on the journal is on the practical application of software engineering technologies and techniques.

JSEP has an 80% acceptance rate with a impact factor of 1.0. 

The journal accepts many different types of papers, including:

  • Original research papers
  • Survey and review papers
  • Research proposals
  • Position papers
  • Replication papers
  • Tutorials

Here is a list of topics areas that JSEP covers, however similar areas might also be acceptable:

  • Software methodologies
  • Elicitation, modeling and analysis of software requirements
  • Software design including patterns and anti-patterns
  • Software technologies including OOP and AOP
  • Software testing, verification and validation
  • Software maintenance
  • Software metrics
  • Programming languages